News Design

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Mobile First | Conversational UX Made on mobile, for mobile

Immersive Storytelling Virtual Reality & 360 Video

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Distributed Content Platform agnostic content design

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Big screen experiences Made on mobile, for the big screen

Apple Watch

Connected Devices Integrating content into the digital ecosystem

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Conversational UX

Building deeper engagement through messaging interface apps

As mobile devices emerge as the dominant platform for the creation and consumption of digital content, it's critically important for publishers to find innovative ways of creating and distributing content.

Conversational user experience provides both publishers and consumers with new ways of distributing contextual updates to the right user groups and engaging with content.


Virtual Reality

Immersive Storytelling

Virtual Reality and 360 Video

Virtual reality has been described as the new empathy engine. How can we create experiences that allow people to connect and see the world from each other's perspectives?


VoD Platforms

Distributed Content

An evolving platform

As the web evolves, content design is moving away from fixed formats and conventions. Designers are bringing mobile conventions to the web and redefining the web experience.


iMac Content

Big Screen Experiences

Made on mobile, for the big screen

As big screen platforms lose ground to mobile as a primary platform for the consumption of content and screen time, publishers are finding new and innovative ways to engage audiences with big screen experiences.


Apple Watch Content

Connected Devices | No-Interface

How will content be consumed in an environment defined by connected devices?

Connected devices are beginning to change the way we live and ultimately, they will change the way consume content. Emerging connected platforms mean content creators have to reimagine the "article" as more than just a block of text with images.